By the Numbers:

How AI Eases IT Overwhelm

Over half of IT workers feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do in a day. In fact, research has found the average IT agent only has the capacity to support 85% of the tickets they receive. That’s why leaders are turning to Artificial Intelligence to support the next evolution of the modern helpdesk.

After surveying an international cohort of IT decision-makers, GoTo and OnePoll found that nearly all respondents consider AI beneficial for work, with 94% willing to delegate tasks to AI to reclaim time for more complex IT initiatives.
Join GoTo thought leaders for this on-demand webinar presentation as we discuss:
  • First-party research on AI trends for IT teams
  • Important implications for agents using AI
  • How (and where) to begin using AI-assisted solutions
Kim Zupancic
Chris Savio
Kim Zupancic
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Chris Savio
Director of Product Marketing
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