Operational Maturity: A Coming of Age for IT

From crisis management to long-term growth

Ongoing uncertainties (and dare we say unprecedented times) have had a considerable impact on small and medium-sized businesses. To overcome adversity and build sustainable operations, IT leaders need to think beyond crisis management and develop long-term, growth-oriented processes.

Understanding your IT team’s level of operational maturity is a first step toward advancing helpdesk performance and maximizing companywide potential. Join this session as we discuss the various levels of operational maturity, and how individual IT management decisions, processes, and actions compare against top-performing SMB strategies.

We’ll close out the conversation by exploring how businesses can shift their IT infrastructure from reactive or proactive, to managed and optimized.

Topics we’ll cover include:
  • Levels of operational maturity
  • Must-haves for scaling businesses
  • The value of integrative IT
  • How GoTo supports SMB leaders
Hosted by:
 Kim Zupancic

Kim Zupancic
Senior Product Marketing Manager, GoTo Resolve

 Based in Montréal, Canada, Kim is a product marketer with a background in product management and strategic planning across B2B and B2C SaaS. Kim is passionate about growing digital products and crafting go-to-market plans that lighten the customer journey.

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